Antonio Proietti was born in Tivoli in 1982.
His artistic experience began very soon when at the age of 12 he met one of the most famous and recognized artists in the field of sacred art, papal academician Rodolfo Papa. Almost ten years of apprenticeship within the roman Artist’s studio, where Proietti could experience the theory of Renaissance design and the ancient practices of oil painting.

Ten years of hard work, learning to build canvases and prepare colors through special mixtures, were important to the cultural baggage that Proietti was gaining.

In 2006 the turn: the artist began to be interested in the tattoo, an art other than his former world, but that seem to have a strange alchemy that unites them. Thanks to the artistic knowledge of Antonio Proietti, in knowing how to govern every artistic medium (from brush, pencil, to fly) his curiosity led him to understand how a needle could paint on the skin.
His artistic career begins in the world of tattoo, and is now recognized as one of the finest Italian artists in the realistic style.